Q & A


What is Imagnea’s goal?
To offer affordable support in the application process for clients coming from all types of industries, who are at all stages of their professional life, and covering all hierarchical levels.

Isn’t that too expensive?
Our prices remain at a moderate level – it is our clear intention that all services should be affordable to everybody, including pupils and students. Furthermore, the costs will depend on the individual range of services requested. We will put together a non-binding (and free of charge) offer for the individual service requested so that each client can make sure that costs will not exceed his/her individual budget.
In addition, cost for consultation and support in connection with furthering your career as a rule are tax-deductible, so that a considerable part will be reimbursed with your tax return. The remaining cost therefore stays at a moderate level – and more than pays off for the client since that investment will positively influence his/her entire professional future.

imagnea_coaching_q&a_2What is Imagnea’s competence?
Profound and long-term experience in the recruiting process covering all hierarchical levels. Documents of our clients – and also their personal presentation in a simulated interview – are looked at from the perspective of a potential employer. Furthermore, our services are offered in two languages – German and English – so that we can also support clients with an international background and/or clients seeking international assignments.


How important do you consider application letters and CVs?
They are indeed most important. These are the first (and, unfortunately, sometimes the only) documents which the addressee will definitely review. When they cannot pique the readers’ interest, it is highly probable that the remaining documents will not be looked at at all – since in most cases there is not just one but a whole pile of applications on the employer’s desk and time is limited.

An eloquent application letter and a properly designed CV open doors, poor preparation will close them.

What are the characteristics of an ideal application letter?
It should be short and concise, in case of concrete applications specifically making reference to that particular job vacancy’s requirements, in case of speculative applications it should clearly point out your range of experience and potential. In that letter, you want to catch the reader’s interest with a few significant sentences and want to demonstrate, that you can offer what is required right now or potentially in the future. You definitely do not want to include all details your attachments will provide in that letter; remember, you want to catch the reader’s attention, not make it dwindle. Therefore – short, but meaningful and convincing.


Keyword employer references…
Again a very sensitive subject! Each of your employer references will be an essential part of your application documents throughout your entire professional life– and will either enrich or impede it. Therefore, it is important to have an employer reference reviewed right after its issuance – and to ask your employer for amendment, if necessary. I am convinced that most of the unpleasant/objectionable references are caused by lack of time or expertise, or because no experienced HR is available to ensure proper phrasing rather than by any real intent to convey negative information. Therefore, many employers are willing to accept (realistic!) amendment requests or are prepared to accept a draft from their employees.

What is the greatest benefit for Imagnea’s clients?
Definitely, one of the greatest benefits will be the frank and candid feedback we can provide to our clients. When asked, why your application was rejected, Human Resources managers of the companies will always (need to) keep their feedback at a very superficial level. Understandably, they will need to keep a low profile already for legal grounds in order not to risk being sued. We are an objective third party and are able to clearly point out potential obstacles and – to the client’s benefit – can give a candid, open feedback to their documents and at the same time can provide assistance in optimizing them.


Can’t I help myself here?
Indeed there is great range of very good books on the subject of applications as well as a whole host of useful information available on the Internet. It requires time, however, to thoroughly deal with all the information collected. Especially on the Internet, it is somewhat difficult to clearly assess the quality of the source – then again, it takes time, to work through the various information portals. For all those in employment, leisure time is rare – and the expert’s support a valuable relief.

Young people at job entry level again may particularly welcome the personal consultation; they have their individual contact person, who is available to discuss all their questions around that entirely new subject and to practice interview situations, to get used to the typical process and increase their self-confidence.

Sabine Schoernig, Managing Director of Imagnea Consulting & Coaching GmbH, looks back on 30 years of experience in Human Resources. As the HR Manager of one of the leading American banks, Schoernig was responsible for the HR related activities of the bank’s German branches from 1993 to 2012. In 2013 she founded Imagnea and since then provides external HR support to internationally operating companies but also consultancy services to private persons in their professional development.