CONSULTING: Application / Entry / Development / Career

  • Application / Job Entry
    • Identification of your individual strengths and potentials, chances in the labour market, formal vocational training offered by specialized schools/institutes, on-the-job-training (traineeship, internship) or apprenticeship in the German ‘Dual System’ of vocational training
    • How do you apply for a job today? And, as a special service: The highest ranked job portals / industry specific job portals
  • Review and discussion of your employment offer and its conditions (permanent or time limited employment, apprenticeship, internship)
    • Review / explanation of conditions like probation period, notice periods, fixed-term contracts or contracts concluded for specific projects / for the performance of a specific job or deputizing for employees on leave, compensation (what will be net from the gross income?), employee/fringe benefits and other components of the employment contract
  • Professional development / career consultation
    • Analysis of your educational background and your professional history, identification of your individual strengths, recognition and use of your potentials, planning of your professional development
  • Educational development / vocational training
    • Which type of training / educational measures make sense and will further your professional development? Are there any subsidy programmes, how are they structured?

All services are offered in German and English. Imagnea confirms that your personal data/documents will be treated as strictly confidential and will be used exclusively to provide the range of services you have requested. They will not be submitted to any third party