COACHING: Preparation of your Interview / Practical Training

  • Introduction to the typical interview process (job entrants)
  • Theoretical preparation of interviews
    • Review of the specific vacancy you apply for and its requirements, obtaining information about the potential employer, typical questions of the interviewers (and what can be asked, what must not be asked), potential questions about your CV, career / job history, documents and motive for job change and – last but not least: the questions you wish to address to the company!
  • Practical training in German and/or English
    • Simulated interview situation to exercise / gain practice, one-on-one or via Skype
  • Feedback on your appearance in the simulated interview
  • Dos and don’ts in the interview / interview conduct and behaviour, appropriate clothing
  • After your interview: Review and discussion – how did it go?
  • Consultation re: employment offers / conditions

All services are offered in German and English. Imagnea confirms that your personal data/documents will be treated as strictly confidential and will be used exclusively to provide the range of services you have requested. They will not be submitted to any third party.