ANALYSIS and Drafting of your Employer Reference

  • Professional review of your employer reference as well as other job references / certificates of employment / letters of recommendation / testimonials
    • What is the core message your reference is sending to the potential reader?
  • Drafting your employer reference (interim reports / final references) or proposals for amendments
    • Many employers are prepared to accept a draft, take advantage of this opportunity!
  • Review of your internship reference
    • Especially at entry level, internship references are an important part of your application, since very often – at that stage – they represent the only document referring to your performance in practice / at work.
  • Drafting your internship reference
    • Make sure your internship reference provides for a detailled description of the performed duties by having a draft prepared for your employer – and thus maybe even relieve it of some workload.
  • Establishment of position descriptions (replacement documents for lacking employer references)
    • You did not receive a reference from one of your employers and it cannot be claimed anymore? A detailed overview of your work duties / position description can be a useful replacement.
  • Compilation of duties (replacement documents for lacking internship references)
    • Your internship reference is extremely short of detail or it is entirely missing? Then we would complete your documents by a detailled compilation of duties, so that a potential reader /employer will be able to gain a thorough impression about the subject of your internship.

All services are offered in German and English. Imagnea confirms that your personal data/documents will be treated as strictly confidential and will be used exclusively to provide the range of services you have requested. They will not be submitted to any third party. Modified documents will be submitted to you in MS-WORD format for future use.