The most important message first: Obtaining an offer is always non-binding and free of charge for you. This includes the first review of your documents, a recommendation for revision as well as a written cost estimate, without obligation for you but binding on Imagnea.

In order to ensure full cost control for you, we will always calculate an individual lump sum fee considering the individual services you requested. This lump sum fee is based on the expected time expenditure for the respective services as well as on our general fee of EUR 17.50 (inkl. 19 % VAT) per 15 minutes.


Some examples for your reference
Review / optimizing your application documents
Review form, content, layout, concept; revision of application
letter and CV; in-depth review of all attachments; discussion / comments;
depending on volume / complexity, on average approximately
estimated time expenditure approx. 90 min. > EUR 105 incl. VAT.
Review of an employer reference
In-depth review of form and all content components; draft of
alternative wordings; discussion / comments;
depending on complexity, on average approximately
estimated time expenditure approx. 60 min. > EUR  70 incl. VAT.
Review of an internship reference (pupils’ internship) (service range as above)          
estimated time expenditure approx. 30 min. > EUR  35 incl. VAT.
Drafting your employer reference or position description
Discussion and inclusion of your position/career details, performance and behaviour;
wording; ensuring coverage of all required components depending on your position;
depending on complexity of position / career, on average approximately
estimated time expenditure approx. 90 min. > EUR 105 incl. VAT.

For the preparation of interviews / practical training we will schedule a time frame following your request; our fee will then be calculated based on this time frame and on the amount of EUR 17.50 (incl. VAT) per quarter of an hour.

It is up to you to determine, whether and which services you would like to utilise, and when; please feel free to request a recommendation for revision – free of charge – first and then decide what you would like to realize next, and when.

The fee for our services remains at any time transparent and most certainly will be a useful investment in your professional future. Moreover, the cost for consultation and support in connection with furthering your career is as a rule tax deductible (sections 9 + 19 EStG/German Income Tax Act), so that a considerable part will be reimbursed through your tax return.

Also keep in mind, that especially the general review / revision of your application documents will be a one-off time and cost effort. Thereafter, the effort remains limited to the review of your most recent employer reference in case of a job change.

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