ADVANTAGES of using Imagnea's integral Coaching Approach

  • Analyse with us your professional history and develop your job search strategy
  • Identify your particular strengths and let them be shown to your fullest advantage
  • Plan your professional entry / your professional development with respective expertise and support
  • Optimize your application documents for a successful job search
  • Use our expertise for the review or drafting of your employer reference
  • Present yourself in the very best way, to ensure an ideal first impression
  • Practice your upcoming interview with a personal and professional coach
  • International assignments: Get your application reviewed to comply with international standards, practice your interview in English
  • Benefit from our long-term experience acquired in our capacity as interviewers
  • Banking industry: Use our long-term HR experience in Banking
  • Feedback: Candid, honest, professional: Identify your current status to decide on your future way!

Services rendered

  • are moderately priced
  • as a rule, are tax-deductible
  • represent an investment in your entire professional future!